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  We are an assembly company based in Columbus, Ohio established in 1998. Our experience is unsurpassed nationally. Our management and assembly experience in this industry goes back to the conception of the retail assembly business in the early '90s. We have experience with all the major retailers in the Midwest including Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us , Sears, K-Mart and many others.

Can We Help you?

  Hickman Assembly, LLC. offers our customers the best in store assembly and repair services, as well as merchandising and product display maintenance for various manufacturers.

  Hickman Assembly has been taking care of assembly needs for nearly 20 years with an impeccable record of providing first class service and meeting the demands of all our customers. Not only are we one of the largest assembly companies in the Midwest, but we now have the ability to handle projects Nationwide with the Assembly Network. We partner with the top 10 assembly companies in the United States to bring true Nationwide coverage.

  All employees of Hickman Assembly are screened, tested, and trained so you the customer can be assured of a pleasant experience. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Please explore our website to see what services we may be able to provide for you.



  • Client Toolbox 2.1 is a web application designed for the purpose of having all assembly procedures tracked from the inception of scheduled event through final completion and invoicing.


  • REAL- TIME Client tracking of technicians production within every store. Upon every technicians check in, client users have the ability to view all estimated work loads as well as check out times, delivering to clients efficiency, cost savings, and real-time manageability of production.  All from the tip of your fingers on mobile devices and computers.


  • Digital Invoicing coupled with Electronic Signatures provides check and balance for both Hickman Assembly and its clients, eliminating any chance of error from obsolete paper trails. Furthermore, the Key Rec is uploaded and saved to every digital invoice.


  • An alert system...through completion of all events.

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                      with any questions, assembly requests, or concerns.

Hickman Assembly LLC.   Retail Assembly Professionals

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Logan, Ohio 43138

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